Attorney Jobs In New Hampshire

Attorney Jobs in New Hampshire

If you’re looking for attorney jobs in New Hampshire, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn what these positions require, where they’re located, and how much they pay. In addition, you’ll learn about what to expect during the interview process.

Job description

Attorney jobs in New Hampshire include a variety of legal positions. Some positions are full-time, while others require an internship. Internships are open to law students and run from the start of June to mid-August. Although the internships are unpaid, many students secure outside funding or receive grants for the program. In addition to compensation, interns receive mileage reimbursement for their work-related travel, including to and from court hearings. To qualify for an internship, you must possess a driver’s license and be insured.

Attorney jobs in New Hampshire involve preparing legal documents and coordinating deadlines for large and small matters. Attorneys perform complex analyses of contracts, emails, and written materials. They are also responsible for using all-source intelligence to analyze a client’s business situation. In a competitive environment, this role requires a high degree of organizational skills.


To be able to practice law in New Hampshire, an attorney must complete at least three years of law school and have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Applicants from other jurisdictions may also be eligible if they have completed additional education from an ABA-approved law school or another US jurisdiction.

Attorney jobs in New Hampshire are usually unpaid but can include internships. Most internships run from June to August and are full-time. Many interns can obtain outside funding or secure a grant to cover their costs. Interns are also required to have a valid driver’s license and be insured.

In New Hampshire, attorneys must complete 12 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) each year, including two hours of ethics. The CLE department of the New Hampshire Bar Association manages the program. In addition, attorneys are allowed to practice law at the state Supreme Court, where they hear appeals from lower courts and administrative agencies. They also issue advisory opinions to the state’s legislative and executive branches and hear certified questions from federal courts.


Attorney jobs in New Hampshire include positions in private practice, government, and nonprofit organizations. The state’s Public Defender Program represents the indigent citizens of the state. This organization uses “vertical representation,” meaning staff attorneys represent clients from the time of their appointment through the final disposition of their case. Staff attorneys generally do not handle appeals to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. This nonprofit corporation promotes equal justice for all and fosters a positive and collaborative work environment.

Attorney jobs in New Hampshire can be challenging, but they can be rewarding. The State of New Hampshire Division of Personnel accepts applications through its website. To apply, you must meet minimum requirements. In addition, candidates should have at least six years of experience. Applicants should also have excellent organizational skills and be proficient in ECF and Microsoft Office.


Salaries for attorney jobs in New Hampshire vary greatly, but some common characteristics define a successful applicant. A good educational background is essential, and a commitment to defending the indigent is desirable. Applicants should also be committed to serving the public and have experience in volunteer work, clinical experiences, and internships.

New Hampshire is a New England state bordered by Massachusetts to the south, Vermont to the west, and the Gulf of Maine to the east. It is the fifth smallest state in terms of area and has slightly more than 1.3 million residents. Its largest cities are Manchester and Concord.

Legal internships

Legal internships are great opportunities for students who are interested in a career in the legal profession. Interns work alongside attorneys and paralegals, assisting them with case preparation. They interview clients and conduct research to build case files. They also draft pleadings and assist with hearing preparation. In some cases, interns may represent clients in District Court.

The New Hampshire Public Defender offers legal internships for aspiring attorneys. These positions are full-time and typically last from June through mid-August. These positions are unpaid, but many interns receive outside funding or secure grants to cover their costs. Additionally, interns are reimbursed for mileage while on the job, provided they have a valid driver’s license and an insured vehicle.

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